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Foundation FM 
Lyricism Show w/ The Nasty Poet

Guests included: 
Belinda Zhawi, Sean Mahoney, Caleb Femi, Eliza Legzdinae, Obongjayar, Masterpeace, Trudy.JPG, Johnny Costi, Louis Culture, Xena (13XL), Tallulah, Pocket Mouse, Will Stowe, DJ Oblig (Rinse FM), Skelecta,  Manga St Hilaire (Ruff Squad), Ella McMurray, Tertia May, Blay Vision, , Thot Thoughts, KeepVibesNear, Mooncchile, Benny Mails, Bushy, Sophie Faith, Evie Golding, Fenda Music, Trash Like You Records, Geneivah, Words By, Lauren Arch, Yiigaa, Lowki, isitnews? Cicely Grace, Remy Banks, Frenzy, Malik Polo, Lex Amor, Ellie Ramsden, Piers James, Cuzn Fred, M Hunny, Panorama Barre, Fenda, Vissinada, Bobby Harvey, Cecil B, Raheaven, Jamel (First Son of Soil), Cecilia Knapp, Olivia Douglas, Tice Cin. 

Listen back here


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