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Coppelia - Feathers of Daedalus Circus - Edinburgh Fringe Festival - August 2017

Sophie wrote and performed the poetry narration for the Feathers of Daedalus' rendition of Coppelia, which was put on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


"Her words are slick and clever", The Scotsman

"The real star of the show however is Sophie Leseberg Smith's poetry, the only aspect that gets to grips with the sinister violence of sexual obsession. In voiceover Smith takes on the different roles of the main players. Her dramatic monologues have something of Carol Ann Duffy's The World's Wife to their crafty perception and blunt language of lust", Festmag

"The strength and suppleness of the dancers is at times extraordinary but it is the poetry by Sophie Leseberg Smith which runs alongside the performance that is perhaps the most memorable feature of the production", The Wee Review

"Recorded spoken-word poetry, eloquently composed by Sophie Leseberg Smith, voiced the characters' thoughts, adding layers to the story and charging each dance with motive and emotion', The Fringe Review



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